Thursday, April 5, 2007

Phi ( Ø )

Phi for Neo-phi-tes
What is Phi?

Phi ( Ø ), is simply an irrational number like pi (p), but one with many unusual mathematical properties. Phi to the first 15 places is 1.618033988749895. What makes it more unusual is that it can be derived in many ways and shows up in relationships throughout the universe.
Phi Ø can be derived through:

*A numerical series discovered by Leonardo Fibonacci



Phi Ø appears in:

*The proportions of the human body
*The proportions of many other animals
*The solar system
*Art and architecture
*Population growth
*The stock market
*The Bible and in theology

The ratio, or proportion, determined by Phi (1.618...) was known to the Greeks as the "Golden Section" and to Renaissance artists as the "Divine Proportion"

Phi with an upper case "P" is 1.618033987..., while phi with a lower case "p" is 0.6180339887, the reciprocal of Phi and also Phi minus 1.

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